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***Shipping is automatically discounted to free at check out as this is an email.***


Using the Tarot with a bonus card from another intuitively chosen deck, I will explore what energies are coming into your world over the next 6 months, month by month. This can start the month of your reading purchase, or the month after purchase.


Find out the messages you need to hear for the next steps of your journey and plan your next steps on when you will be best guided in your actions.  


These readings are sent by email (with photos) within 3 days of purchase, but occasionally there are slightly longer delays.


You can choose a particular area of your life (eg. love, career, spirituality or health) to focus on, otherwise it will be more general.


Send through a recent photo of yourself for a strong connection, if you would like to focus on an area and your email of choice.


*Not a substitue for legal, medical or psychological advice.

6 Month Ahead Tarot Reading

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