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This beautiful necklace is made with two gemstones held in cord cages secured by tight knots. The long braided cords allow you to tie the necklace to an adjustable length so you can wear it as long or short as tickles your fancy.


The two gemstones in this necklace are Green Aventurine and Amethyst and the cord is macrame cord.


The sun was a bit bright in this photo so the cord is closer to a purple eggplant colour and not quite as bright as this.


Green aventurine is a crystal for grounding and stability. If you have a tendency to overthink or ruminate over situations and get stuck in your mind, green aventurine will help bring you back to your physical body and your connection to the Earth.


Amethyst is said to offer protection, humility, spiritual wisdom, and stress relief.


*This information is not a substitute for medical advice or treatment.

Gemstone Cage Necklace - Green Aventurine and Amethyst

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