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A handmade shawl by me. Wrap yourself up in the fibre magick I create to share.


The flora range are both crocheted with the intention of the flora it is named after as I explore a journey with the world around me which is then stitched into the shawl but also to bring some awareness and learnings.


The Black Calla Lily brings you the symbolism of elegance, beauty and mystery.


I crocheted this beautiful shawl using soft acrylic yarn.


Being handmade there will not be another shawl out there just like it.


Live out your Practical Magic dreams adding a handmade shawl by a witch to your mystical outfit.


Approximately 163cm wide and 86cm long (without stretch) and have some give in it so you can comfortably snuggle into it.

Handmade Shawl (Flora Range) - Black Calla Lily

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