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A handmade twirled witch hat by me. This hat will fit an adult with an unstretched head measurement of approximately 20.5 inches with stretch in it too.


I crocheted this beautiful hat using soft acrylic yarn doubling strands to give structure but also to make it even more unique.


Being handmade there will not be another hat out there just like it. I have a huge abundance of yarn and I keep purchasing eclectic little collections of yarn so each piece will be entirely unique!


Live out your Practical Magic dreams adding a witch hat made by a witch to your mystical outfit.


I have added some spray starch to the twirl at the top and the brim to help hold it's shape a little more. Over time and if they are crushed they may go a little slouchy and if you like the look that's no problem! Otherwise you can just add a little starch to put it back into the shape you like.

Handmade Twirled Witch Hat - Blues/Greens (Child)

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