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These are the smaller versions of the large Goddess Poppet Dolls I also make.


These poppets have Peridot and rose petals from my garden dried on my altar in their bellies.


I was drawn to this unique gemstone and flower fusion to bring joy, but also protection to it's owner. I have also infused the poppets with reiki energy to bring you healing as you hold it.


Each goddess has a spiral on her belly to symbolize our spiritual evolution and our identity with the universe. For me it also symbolizes walking in alignment with all the cycles of our lives.


These beauties are approximately 6 and a half inches tall.


These poppet dolls are completely unique and there will never be another that looks quite like it. Special, just like you.

*This information is not a substitute for medical advice or treatment.

Pocket Goddess Poppet Doll - Blue and Green

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