Pyrite is a grounding stone that offers protection from negative thoughts and energies. A stone for motivation, keep this crystal in your work or study space to stop procrastination and keep you focussed and determined. The incredibly powerful and inspiring energy of this stone can light the fire in your belly, empowering you down the path to success. Radiating optimism and happiness, use this crystal to manifest abundance and prospertiy in all areas of your life.


Aura Quartz crystalc achieve thier shimmering iridescent colours through modern techniques bonding microns of precious metals to a crystal's surface. By placing the crystals in a chamber, applying heat and pressure, the metal vapors create a chemical reaction that produces a beautiful metallic rainbow sheen. The synergy of the precious metals and quartz' amplifying properties creates a powerful crystal to brighten your aura and uplift the energy for your home or space.


Price is per stone, intuitively picked for you.


*This information is not a substitute for medical advice or treatment.

Pyrite Aura Heart