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Women have gathered in sacred space longer than they have not. For many of us though, this has not been a part of our journeys. Sacred Sisterhood is reawakening in the hearts of women all over the world. For thousands of years we have gathered in circle to tell our stories, share our wisdom and pass on the history of our ancestors. I warmly invite you to this sacred space for authentic connection with like-minded sisters, bringing yourself back into your true self, remembering our soul's true purpose and the blessing of true heart kinship.


My name is Angie and I have created Sage Entwined as a way of following my heart and purpose, while giving of myself in service to the women of my community. My vision for Sage Entwined Sacred Journey: Women's Circle is for all the sisters that attend to rise together in harmony and purpose. To create true community through collaboration and sharing. And to be empowered in sharing wisdom and receiving it. The ripples of the magic we create in this sacred and intentional space is felt far in wide in our worlds. We are the change in the world, sisters.


This season pass will give you access to 3 circles at a lower exchange.


Normally circles are $25 + $2.19 so by comitting to a 3 month season pass you are saving $16.57 (inclusive of booking fees) bringing the ticket exchange down to just over $21 a circle.


I will add your name, email address and phone number to the tickets that will then be forwarded to your inbox with all details of the upcoming circles.


Conditions Apply

~Valid from the date of purchase for the next 3 circles (You cannot choose 3 circles at random, individually purcashing tickets at the full exchange better suits this need)

~Circles are not transferrable to other circles or other women (I understand that sometimes life gets in the way and we aren't able to get to circle, however, I still have costs associated with holding the events and cannot offer these accommodations to continue to make offering this service feasible)

~No refunds (Purchasing this season pass is a committment to yourself and the rest of the circle and as such, I will not be offering refunds for change of mind)


To see a complete list of all upcoming events please go to:

Sage Entwined Sacred Journey: Women's Circle Season Pass - 3 Months

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