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An introductory guide to gems and crystals - and how they can transform your life.


For thousands of years, crystals and gemstones have had an important and powerful role in people's lives. These precious stones have long been known to have positive spiritual, psychological, emotional and physical effects, and have been associated with healing, fortune, manifestation and divination. The Power of Gems and Crystals is the perfect introductory guide for anyone who wants to know more about how to use them.


You will:

* Discover the special powers of crystals and stones

* Learn why certain gems are worn for good luck

* Find out how to choose the right stone for you

* Experience the rejuvenating properties of crystal power

* Learn how to use crystals in healing


The Power of Gems and Crystals is a treasure trove of anxient wisdom and lore. Soozi Holbeche reveals the fascinating secrets and mysteries associated with gems and crystals, and explains how they can be used to enrich our daily lives.

The Power of Gems and Crystals - Soozi Holbeche

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